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Advisory, design, implementation, optimization.

Speech & Artificial Intelligence for your business

Speech Technology and Artificial Intelligence enable your organization to listen, analyze, understand, improve and answer customers, business-partners, employees and other stakeholders. We can help you with:

  • Advisory, knowledge and best practices on speech/AI engines and applications
  • Design of the optimal setup/solution for your organization
  • Integration of speech technology & artificial intelligence tailored to your business
  • Data collection and reporting to improve your system and to control costs

Applications vary: call-center intelligence, real-time subtitles, meeting transcripts, translations, conversation analysis, keyword detection, intelligent chat bots, etc.


Speechly advisory is based on data and best-practices and facilitates your decision-making:

  • Selection of best engine(s) for speech and AI for your business.
  • Visualization of output tailored for your use cases.
  • Hardware setup and input devices to assure smooth service.
Solution Design, Integration & Management

Speechly integrations will shorten your time to market and TCO:

  • Design of your solution based on your business goals & use cases.
  • Solution setup, integration with your systems and custom development.
  • Management & updates of your solution.
Continuous optimizations

Speechly has devloped a data analytics tool to improve your systems day after day.

  • Quality reporting on quality/accuracy of your speech & AI solutions.
  • Uptime reporting of your speech & AI solutions.
  • TCO reporting of your speech & AI solutions.
Speechly platform

The Speechly platform consists of 3 modules, ready to add voice and AI to new or existing products.

  • Universal solution connector. This module handles connections with speech and AI engines. It connects the Core Engine with solutions from all major vendors.
  • Client connector. This module covers the integration with your business. It can be a connection with your (existing) solutions or new tool.
  • Data center. This module collects specific use data and calculates optimizations for your business in terms of accuracy, availability and costs.
  • Core Engine. This module is the heart of the Speechly platform and manages all input, throughput and output of voice and intelligent data. It connects everything with everything.

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Application Architecture

Speech Intelligence

Why work with Speechly?

Knowledge & best-practices

Speechly has a team of professionals that are dedicated to speech & AI technology. We have the knowledge and the experience. We are ready to solve your case and bring your business to the next level.

Data centric

We setup data collection and analytics on accuracy, uptime and financials.. This helps you to understand & improve your systems.

Ready to demo

Speechly has a testing platform to show the results and differences between speech engines.

Combine technologies

Speechly connects with different speech recognizers, AI solutions and speech readers at the same time. This makes your systems more accurate, intelligent and redundant.

Vendor independence

Speechly enables you to connect to different speech and AI solutions and to easily switch between these solutions. This helps you avoid a vendor lock-in.


Integrate Speechly with your new existing sytems, products and services. Speechly works with secured cloud connections and in highly secure on-premise solutions.

Combining speech and AI to move your business forward.